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Design, Geographe Landscapes


It is important to have a design plan in mind before the construction process starts and materials begin appearing on site. Whether it is a small courtyard or larger rural property, it is crucial that a design and plan is agreed upon in order to visualise what the final space will look like. This is what takes place during a site visit. At an agreed upon time, one of our team will meet up with you on site to discuss your ideas. You may like to have sketched out an idea (a simple ‘mud map’ of the area is fine) of what you were looking for.

  • We then run through the following:

    • The purpose of the space, and its function
    • Thoughts and ideas regarding design
    • All the materials that will be used on site, including earthworks and demolition
    • Budget and timeframe
    • All softscape materials, such as plants, trees, soil & mulches
    • All hardscape materials and their placement (e.g. decking, paving, spas, water features)
    • Any engineering details or council regulations that may need to be considered

    If you are seeking a formal site plan, this will incur a cost of $275, as it is drawn up by a professional architect and takes some time to complete.


Once the site visit has been completed, a quote will be emailed out to you for your consideration. If you are happy with the proposal, you return the signed quote along with a 50% deposit prior to the commencement of any work or ordering of materials. Once the deposit has been received, we then discuss the scheduling of works, as well as any services and obstacles that may need to be taken into consideration. We use the best available materials when building your new dream project, and always take care to provide quality work. There will always be someone overseeing the construction process, and we provide regular updates about the progress of the job.

  • On completion of the job, we do a final walk-through with you and explain how best to care for your new garden. This includes any fertilising and pruning that should take place, as well as reticulation schedules and the maintenance of any timber or paved areas. Booklets will be provided regarding lawn care.

    Now all that’s left to do is to enjoy your new outdoor space with friends and family!

Build, Geographe Landscapes
Maintain, Geographe Landscapes


Here at Geographe Landscapes, we believe that small amounts of regular maintenance will prove to be beneficial in the long run, rather than allowing time and the elements to wear away at your new outdoor area. We use high-quality products in order to ensure that your space will be built to last, however, this will not occur without some attention. Simple things like regular lawn mowing, keeping up with fertilising, checking reticulation parts and re-mulching will ensure that your garden looks good for years to come. We give you tips and ideas as to how to best maintain and care for your garden upon completion of the job, however, should you need further assistance, we also provide maintenance services such as garden cleanups and reticulation repairs as well.

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