Outdoor Areas in Autumn

When real estate professionals talk about a “major feature” that increases value & attracts buyers (when it’s that time) it may be worth lending an ear.

One such area at your place is the outdoor entertainment area. These are a leading factor in the sale of a property and, with a professional well finished outdoor area, it can add significant value to your home.

But it’s not just that, you want somewhere to live out your Australian dream!

Lighten It Up

Outdoor lighting - Geographe landscapes - Autumn

Put some downlights in and around your decking/patio area and add lots of them so you can enjoy sitting out there in the evenings (might want to invest in a good gas heater as well at this time of year!). Putting some lights in and around your trees/garden area will make those outdoor areas in Autumn shine with the awesome colours that are mainly only around at this time of year.

Green It Up

Liven up a bare corner with a collection of mismatched pots. Use them in various sizes to create a real talking point. Groupings of odd numbers work best and you could plant a mix of plants and herbs, or turn it into your designated edible garden filled with all the varieties you need while you’re in the kitchen or on the barbie.

outdoor area - Geographe landscapes

Freshen It Up

Add some colour and life around your outdoor area as well while you’re at it! Freshen it up and add some vibrancy.

  • Dahlias add vibrancy to gardens.
  • Begonia. For a range of flowers in shady areas.
  • Salvia. An easy-care flowering plant.

Water Feature

While that may sound a bit odd for this time of year, why not get it done now and be ready for the warmer months!

Not only that, but why not have it running? While it would drive some crazy, many people swear by these watery sounds for relaxation during the day or to help them fall asleep and stay in la-la land!

water feature - autumn outdoors - geographe landscapes


Outdoor areas when it’s very nearly winter can be a challenge, but it’s not time to let go of the garden for good just yet!

Especially not for the hard-core among us, it’s time to get things done!

Lighten things up with a few lights, green up some herbs or plants in pots on your decking. Freshen it up with some new colour around the place and get that water feature in that you’ve been wanting forever!

As always, just give me a call if you want some advice or a quote to have your landscaping taken care of by professionals.